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My daughter, Uma

Sharing my experience of stillbirth, as a father.

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We don't have much time. We just don't have much.

This month started on June 1st when I visited my brother Charlie in hospital.

Personal actions on Climate Change

Noting down the actions I've taken to try and reduce my footprint.

Weak notes: March 15th

A somewhat vain attempt to keep the blog up-to-date...

Week notes: September 25th

React Native tinkering and watching The Long Way Up.

Week notes: September 18th

Minor musings and mildly interesting points of note for this week.

Week Notes: September 11th

Energy monitor tinkering, new telly and being tired.

Week notes: August 7th

TV watching and sad explosions.

Week notes: July 31st

Back to work, furious coding and rushed writing.

One year with an Air-Source Heat Pump: Real-world costs and experience

Real world costs for an air-source heat-pump in a UK terraced house.

Week notes: July 24th

Time out with the family this week.

Week notes: July 10th

Working on EE 1.0 and playing ring fit adventure, amongst other things.

Week notes: July 3rd

My birthday, some web dev and LEGO are the highlights of my week.

Week notes: June 26th

Week two, maybe I can keep this up...

Week notes: June 19th

Weekly musings and goings-on, I'll be trying to do these each week. Go blogging!

Issues with the Tesla Model 3

Some thoughts on the Tesla Model 3 and some minor issues I've found with this incredible car.

Cost of owning a BMW i3

I recorded all the expenses over our three year period of ownership, it turns out - pretty cheap!

Going fossil-free in a terraced Victorian house

How we ditched our gas boiler and switched to a renewable Air Source Heat Pump, in our home efforts to combat climate change.

The most satisfying bit

After working on the whole house, it's surprising which bit has been the most pleasing.

Sixteen months with an electric car

I look at the costs of owning an electric car in the first year.

Achievements in 2017

My goals for the new year and how I did in the last.

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