Issues with the Tesla Model 3

Some thoughts on the Tesla Model 3 and some minor issues I've found with this incredible car.

Cost of owning a BMW i3

I recorded all the expenses over our three year period of ownership, it turns out - pretty cheap!

Going fossil-free in a terraced Victorian house

How we ditched our gas boiler and switched to a renewable Air Source Heat Pump, in our home efforts to combat climate change.

The most satisfying bit

After working on the whole house, it's surprising which bit has been the most pleasing.

Sixteen months with an electric car

I look at the costs of owning an electric car in the first year.

Achievements in 2017

My goals for the new year and how I did in the last.

Electric Brighton

Why I've created a website to promote electric and plug-in vehicles in Brighton & Hove.

Achievements in 2016

Quick notes on things I'm proud of doing this past year.

Making a 5 year plan

Some thoughts on how to plan for the future with the aim of achieving life goals.

Electric car charge time calculator

A simple tool I've created to realistically calculate how long it takes to charge different makes of electric car.

Building our new bathroom and lounge

How I set about building our new bathroom.

My daughter, Uma

Sharing my experience of stillbirth, as a father.

But the crab died!

Helping a 3 year old deal with the death of a crab.

Two months with an electric car

Our experience of our first two months with the BMW i3.

Bedroom renovation

How I renovated the master bedroom in our Victorian terraced house in Brighton.

New gaming headphones

It's about time I got some new gaming headphones. Here's a quick review of the ones I chose.

Booting up the blog

I've started a blog! (Again).