Week notes: July 10th

Week notes 0710

Desk, July 10th.

EE 1.0 Docs

This is a super boring screenshot - mostly for the benefit of anyone who knows this website as well as I do: The Expression Engine 1.0 docs site. I have spent a great many hours on this website.

Where did the week go? Feel like I've accomplished lots this week, but have less to write about.

  • Web dev - The PostCSS / Storybook / Craft CMS / Twig component life is going well. Using Stylelint to enforce BEM naming conventions is super nice too, everything feels a bit more, er – professional dare I say. Since moving jobs, I've found it much easier to create a space for learning and personal progression. Amusingly, I spent a couple of days this week porting content from an Expression Engine 1.0 website. I suppose in some respect I'm uniquely positioned to work on this, I really didn't expect to be booting up the EE 1.0 docs in the year 2020, or downloading export plugins from Devot-ee (remember that website?). Templating in even EE 1.0 is super easy, so my pipeline is basically: EE JSON template > Node text manipulation (mostly for HTML sanitisation) > importing with Craft CMS FeedMe plugin. I'm not entirely done yet, just trying to get the HTML parsing right on around 700 news articles so that the output isn't too shoddy...
  • Ring Fit Adventure - I can probably count on one hand the number of fitness-related events in my life. This is no doubt tragic, but I seem to have a high metabolism, and keeping fit is just something I've never been concerned with. I know this is bad. Anyway, a combination of lockdown and the children driving me to drink for the duration (this is 80% a joke) have made me more conscientious of my health, so I've shelled out for Ring Fit adventure. It's not quite as kinky as it sounds – although it features a real-life wheel sized ring you swing, rotate, thrust, squash, squeeze and punish in other unimaginable ways. It's a Nintendo Switch fitness RPG. I've been surprisingly enjoying it. It's only really a light workout with on-the-spot jogging, squats, stretches, knee presses and similar - but it's been enough to make most of my body ache for the week. Success? We'll see, it's only been five days.
  • Electric Brighton - Published a new piece on the Electric Brighton FAQ titled Do electric vehicles produce more particulates than petrol or diesel vehicles? The project is to encourage people away from their petrol and diesel vehicles, but I've been trying to write these without too much bias. Perhaps people will just assume the articles are biased based on the website.
  • Car ad health warnings - Was a bit riled up about air pollution, so had some exploring the idea of health warnings on car advertisements, similar to cigarettes. Maybe one day it'll happen?
  • BEER - I'm heading to Bison Beach Bar this afternoon, for some pre-booked, outdoor seated, social distanced and responsible beer drinking (belated birthday drinks). This, I hope, is not a bad decision. I am desperately looking forward to it.

Should my blog have an RSS feed? I don't think I set one up... 🤔