Week notes: July 24th

View from Balidon moor

View from Balidon moor, Friday morning.

I missed last week's week notes. It was a busy week, and they didn't get done.

This week is a little less busy; I'm taking time out visiting the in-laws in Yorkshire. A little daunting at first as there's more COVID up here, apparently, but we're all being safe mostly going on walks and pottering at home.

We drove up from Brighton to Burley in Wharfedale, just outside Leeds on Monday night. Under 6 hours door-to-door. It was the first time we've driven as we normally go by train. The journey was a little gruelling at times when the children were all awake, Bodie woke up a few times and his screaming would wake up the others with a Domino effect. We stopped once for 40 minutes to charge the car and have a thermos tea and snacks, then three more times for toilet breaks/children. The total cost of the trip: £0, thanks to those free Supercharging miles earnt with Tesla referrals 🤑💯.

A few other goings-on this week.

  • We had our gas meter removed on Monday. The final piece of 20th-century fossil-fuel technology in our household is now gone!
  • Doing some maths on the heat-pump now we've had it a year. Will be publishing our first year's experience shortly. The short of it is it's excellent, we love it, and it'll save us a packet.
  • I did some more work on Electric Brighton. I added new charging locations that have gone live the past week and am now preparing some more FAQ articles.
  • Read about and implemented the new proposed carbon.txt format on to a few websites of mine.

Here are a few photos from the week.