Week notes: August 7th

Week Notes August 7th

Desk, August 10th.

Failed to write Friday's notes on Friday, so here we are on Monday a little late. Some noteworthy things during the week:

  • Urgh, that Beruit explosion. Fascinating to watch, initially - shortly followed by the images of the horrific consequences of it.
  • TV watching! We have much free time but we get 1hr a day which we normally fill with TV shows. Thought I'd mention what we've enjoyed recently. After we finished watching the entirety of Community (a series I failed to watch for ten years), we started watching Sharon Horgan and Aisling Bae both being excellent in the very funny This Way Up. Bonus points for ~20 min episodes. We're now enjoying The Great, quite a more-ish, often silly comedy loosely based on the events leading up to the reign of Catherine The Great.
  • Fixed Naomi's Macbook Air. Replaced the battery and the screen (which Jules broke by shutting the lid on a book 🤦‍♂️).
  • Craft CMS 3.5 came out - includes an excellent redesigned field editor and a bunch of improvements. More great work from the Craft team.
  • Sent out the Electric Brighton Summer newsletter.
  • Was super pleased to see that hosted Craft CMS service, Servd, announced their plan to go green in a previous blog post and a product page outlining their actions; choosing more renewable providers for their data centres and storage partners. This was something I approached Matt about earlier in the year when I was on the hunt for a lower carbon solution for my current client site. Pleasing to see!
  • Upvoted Roger Schebri's beautifully made Safe from "The Room" on the LEGO Ideas site.