Weak notes: March 15th

(Oh dear, I've made the "weak" / week notes pun and I don't think it was the first time. It's not even a Friday).

Really, this is just a post to acknowledge (publicly, I suppose) a few things in my life right now:

  • Life is too busy to maintain week notes blog posts.
  • I would like to sleep more.

OK, I think that's about it.


Well, I'm not going to leave it there, am I? I should probably just dig in a little for the sake of there being any actual content here. After all, I actually quite enjoy writing. Although not always, and certainly not under pressure. Bodie is asleep for ~30 minutes, Rocco is playing Minecraft and Naomi is working, so I find myself with a 10-minute window. 10 minutes in which I can't really get any work done and I've just done the bit of online shopping which was on my to-do list. So right this very second I get to do something that isn't box-packing (oh, yes we sold the house btw), or cleaning up after the children or having one of my eardrums blown out by the screaming of a hyper-emotional 3-year-old, or trying not to doom scroll my iPhone's Twitter feed.

So yes, what's been going on recently? Well, the tail end of last year was rather busy (evident by lack of blog posts). Then Christmas, that happened. Mum came over and stayed for 3 days which was really nice. We all locked down quite hard before Christmas, Mum also didn't see anyone before Christmas so we reduced our risk as much as possible. It was just lovely to all hang out for that length of time. In January I got to launch the new Double Fine website which I'd been working on for much of last year with Spaff - check it out (wrote a little write up of it too).

The lockdown then happened, no childcare for two months... it is almost impossible to run a work schedule for two people in our household while our three children are also at home every day, one doing home-schooling. Plenty going on in that regard. Oh, and yes, we decided to sell the house because lockdown made the walls close in, it was feeling very small and, well - the market was going nuts. Selling the house, yep - that too.

Oh wow, would you look at the time...