Week notes: June 26th

Week Notes 0626

Desk, June 26th.


My mantlepiece photo of Dad, standing outside West Sussex College of Art & Design, (later Northbrook College). One of his "AEIOU" pieces in front, part of a series.

YES! It's week two and I've actually managed to write week notes. Or weak notes, you tell me. Either way, this means I may be able to keep it up.

  • Enjoyed Fathers day, had a nice little walk in Wild Park up on to the hill and enjoyed a lovely view of Brighton, from a point I've never seen before.
  • Children had two days childcare - I had a relatively "normal" days work at home for the first time since I-cant-remember-when. Revelationary!
  • Played around with the Hey beta - Pretty slick, kind of digging it. Just need to figure out how to truly "try-out" an email client without moving your email to it...? I asked them about their environmental impact, as email accounts for a chunk of the internet's carbon footprint, and they responded pretty fast with an outline of their plan: "Basecamp and our products including HEY are not currently fully powered by renewable energy. HEY is hosted in regions on AWS that are partially, but not fully, renewably-backed. Reducing and compensating for our carbon footprint is on our minds, however. We have a working group called Greening Basecamp within the company and have just completed our first company carbon footprinting. We are now in the process of determining responsible ways to offset our cumulative historical emissions (i.e. from when our company was founded in 2004 through now) while reducing consumption moving forward". Hopeful
  • Watched the Apple WWDC keynote - They showed lots of little improvements across their devices, nothing revolutionary, lots "inspired" from elsewhere. I don't know if App Clips are actual innovation or an idea from elsewhere, but they seem like the perfect way to reduce "app overload". I've got apps on my phone because I know I'll need to use them again at some point, perhaps App Clips will mean I won't need to keep them anymore. New Apple Silicon for Macbooks and desktop machines is exciting, though – assuming it translates to significant performance gains. Other than that, the trailer for Foundation looks fantastic, right up my street - I'm getting strong Prometheus vibes. The main thing from this event which stood out to me is the production quality. Super high bar, with some quirky insight into the Apple campus that I rather enjoyed. They are top of their game, who else can do this level of quality? Looking back to the Sony PlayStation 5 announcement event last week, I didn't think the production quality of it was particularly impressive and the format less than ambitious. Still, with Apple as a benchmark, it looks Mickey Mouse in comparison.
  • Got utterly fucking terrified about the arctic warming taking place - This sent me on a short-lived spiral of research, trying to work out the best places to migrate to during the next ten years. Then I came back to the here and now. Thought about which of my back-of-napkin projects are worth prioritising, and whether they will create meaningful consequences.
  • Did lots of Glastonbury moping - Yes we all would have been there this weekend. Shared some photos and happy memories with the Barries, and watched some of the great replays on the BBC. Hot Chip 2015 FTW! One of the best (party-based) nights of my life.
Wild park hill

The hill above Wild Park, looking back Eastwards towards Woodingdean and South over Brighton and the sea. I can see my house from here!