Week notes: June 19th

Week Notes 0619

Desk, June 19th.

I've got a few blog posts in progress up to publish on the Dodeca Studio blog (oh hi! yes, that's happened!), but they all involve a fair amount of work, and there is rather a lot to do, so I've decided to try out week notes. Old school. I thought about putting them on my company blog, but the content isn't always going to be relevant or "work" focused, as work is very much home at the moment. So figured I'll try it out here, which is lacking blog posts of late anyway. Weekly musings and goings-on, to keep up some sort of frequency of posting. These Week Notes will be as brief as possible, and no doubt it might read as a little hurried.

The lockdown

Gosh, that H3 is large (that's what H4 said?). You can tell I've not been on my blog in a while.

I should probably address the main topic of recent months: Lockdown. I left Media Molecule and started Dodeca Studio at the start of lockdown. I've since been working through many personal projects as well as getting the ball rolling on my first contract; it's a long term one which I'm currently designing. I've found visual design during the lockdown to be difficult. It's made me realise the importance of uninterrupted flow for creative thought, which is only possible at seemingly rare occasions these days. Time for happy accidents and exploration feels like a luxury. The morning attempts at home-schooling and the occasional screaming fits/tantrums from the children need to be dealt with at random intervals. However, the periodic hugs from a two-year-old are almost impossible to refuse.

    Tesla flat

    An illustration of what happens when you connect your car to a third-party app, forget about it for a few days, then come to realise it has no considerate rate-limiting and has presumably been polling for data constantly. 21st-century problems. App removed with extreme prejudice, bug report filed.

    This week