Week notes: July 31st

Week Notes July 31st

Desk, July 31st.

Back to work this week. Came back from Yorkshite (it's not that bad, but that is always what my fingers type first!) Yorkshire on Sunday night. Stopped off at Sherwood forest on the way home and saw the lovely old English oaks in Robin Hood Country. I don't think I've never seen a proper English Oak forest. Was great to see the ~1000 year old Major Oak tree too, a beautiful tree. Seeing all the ancient Oaks reminded us of seeing some of the giant Redwoods in California in recent years.

This week I've been heads down and busy again. These week-notes are hasty! Some points of note:

  • Pleased to finally be using CSS Grid in anger. Going postal on SVGs. SVG ALL THE THINGS!
  • Have been enjoying the iOS 14 public beta on my phone. It seems fairly stable on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. Nothing major but the little improvements help overall. Really enjoy the photos widget bringing up random memories (without having to delve anywhere).
  • Able to publish my one-year review of the heat pump, now that July has ended and we've had a full year's electricity bills. Have had quite a few people asking me about it so I'm hoping this will be helpful to anyone out there considering it.
  • Added some new locations to Electric Brighton, it seems Pod-Point have been busy adding two new charging locations without me noticing.
  • Enjoyed the Fully Charged look at the new Arrival delivery truck. Super cute thing!
  • Continued playing The Last of Us II. It is a fantastic game. But boy, is it long!! It actually feels too long? Parents don't have time for these epics! It keeps getting better though 😄