Entries tagged with "week notes":

Weak notes: March 15th

A somewhat vain attempt to keep the blog up-to-date...

Week notes: September 25th

React Native tinkering and watching The Long Way Up.

Week notes: September 18th

Minor musings and mildly interesting points of note for this week.

Week Notes: September 11th

Energy monitor tinkering, new telly and being tired.

Week notes: August 7th

TV watching and sad explosions.

Week notes: July 31st

Back to work, furious coding and rushed writing.

Week notes: July 24th

Time out with the family this week.

Week notes: July 10th

Working on EE 1.0 and playing ring fit adventure, amongst other things.

Week notes: July 3rd

My birthday, some web dev and LEGO are the highlights of my week.

Week notes: June 26th

Week two, maybe I can keep this up...

Week notes: June 19th

Weekly musings and goings-on, I'll be trying to do these each week. Go blogging!