Achievements in 2016

It's the start of the new year, so what did I do last year that I'm proud of? Well...

  1. We had our second child, Uma.
  2. I redesigned and rebuilt our lounge and bathroom.
  3. I took action on climate change:
    1. Switched to driving an electric car.
    2. Built an electric vehicle charging time calculator, to help people with electric cars or thinking about buying electric cars understand charging times.
    3. As part of the Hanover & Elm Grove parking consultation, I wrote a report to Brighton Council on plug-in vehicle ownership in Hanover, highlighting the current and future need for off-street charging infrastructure.

And some notes on goals for 2017, these are part of our family's 5 year plan.

  1. Family time.
  2. Grow our family.
  3. Design and build the garden patio.
  4. Continue to focus energy on acting on climate change.
    1. Save some money for the Tesla model 3.
  5. Think about getting a dog.