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Tesla Model 3 Pickup Day

Tesla pickup day is EXCITING!

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After a three year wait, I got my Tesla Model 3 in August 2019, over three years since I first paid the £1000 deposit. It is the single most expensive thing I've ever bought. I was absolutely over the moon when I picked it up. Having spent most of the journey to the service centre on the train listening to the Top Gun Soundtrack (which is still phenomenal), I was fully pumped to pick up the car.

I never even learnt to drive until I was 33 and getting a Tesla Model 3 at 38, well - the first time in my life I've ever really been excited about a car, properly. It's an absolutely incredible vehicle and I love it to bits!

Most Tesla's are best bought online. You do it all through the Tesla website, and the process is seamless. BUT! Always use a referral code - They net you free credits to spend at the Tesla store - for things you might need, like floor mats or rain covers or snow chains, that sort of thing. You're welcome to use my code:

You can find out details about the referral program on Tesla's website. Feel free to contact me on Twitter if you have any questions about using the referral link 😀